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BYOT – – –

Bring Your Own Train!  . .  that is.

The public is invited to bring personal trains to our facilities for testing and operation, including G scale, O/Lionel (three rail) scale, HO scale and N scale.  This invitation is open only on the last Tuesday of every month from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
Both HO and N scale layouts operate with DC or DCC (Digital Command & Control).  The O/Lionel layout operates with AC or DCS (Digital Control System) exclusive to MTH (Mike’s Train House) trains.  The G scale layout operates only with AC.
Members will assist with setup and initial testing/control.  Once it has been determined that the train is operating normally, control may be turned over to the owner of the train(s).
Abnormal operation can be reflected with a short, in which case the train will be removed from the track immediately.  It may also be that the train will not operate at all when power is applied to the track, or operate hesitatingly.  A myriad of reason can contribute to either of these conditions.  One easily detected condition is dirty wheels that prevent track power from operating the train.  Members can assist in the correction of dirty wheels.  If this does not help, the owner will be asked to have the train analyzed for whatever problem that exists and have it repaired.  Individual club members may volunteer to analyze the problem and make recommendations for a fix. There is no guarantee that this may occur.  The club will not undertake any analysis or repair recommendations.
The Augusta County Railroad Museum and Model Railroad Club nor any of its members are not responsible for any damages that may occur.  We will, however, take all necessaty precautions to not damage trains   We will also take precautions to protect our equipment from faulty trains, including the tracks, scenery, power supplies and digital equipment.